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Industry Health Solutions

At Industry Health Solutions we believe none of us are as good as all of us.  Our multidisciplinary approach is our magic sauce.  Our clinicians offer a broad range of expertise and are united in our commitment to client-centred, strength-focused service delivery. 

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Director & Mental Health Clinician

Kate is the founder and director of Industry Health Solutions.
Kate’s values are openness, collaboration and service with sincerity and integrity. Kate cares- absolutely.
Kate is a mental health accredited occupational therapist and works with clients with sleep issues, chronic pain, work related issues, complex psychological conditions. She is available in person or telehealth. Kate's treatment modalities include CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, IPT, SFT, skills training and motivational interviewing.


Mental Health Clinician

Vicki is a psychologist and offers extensive experience working therapeutically with adolescents and adults in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, stress and coping; ADHD and Autism. Vicki works with parents to assist with interventions to support young people’s learning, social/emotional and behavioural needs.  Vicki provides formal learning, cognitive and autism assessments.
Vicki offers a non-judgemental and understanding approach and creates a therapeutic relationship in which clients feel safe and understood.
Vicki's treatment modalities include, CBT, ACT, DBT, narrative therapy, EMDR, IPT, SFT, schema therapy and motivational interviewing. 
Vicki is available in person at our Palmerston office and via telehealth.

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Mental Health Clinician

Angela offers 18 years experience as a psychologist and is an accredited mediator.  Angela works with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families.  She is able to assist with depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, PTSD, family conflict, workplace injuries and relationship difficulties.  Angela's therapeutic modalities include CBT, ACT, DBT, EFT & creative therapies including play therapy and transpersonal art therapy.
Angela is available in person at our Palmerston office or via telehealth.


Mental Health Clinician

Ayla is a Registered Psychologist who comes from the mighty Waikato region, New Zealand.  

Ayla supports adolescents and adults with issues including anxiety, depression, grief and trauma.  She is available in person at our Palmerston office and offers after hours appointments. Ayla's treatment modalities include CBT and narrative therapy.

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Mental Health Clinician

Steven is a registered psychologist and go getter and doesn’t often sit still! Steven made the mid-life career change to become a Psychologist as he wanted to explore the helping profession further, after a long and successful HR career. Steven genuinely enjoys spending time with people and getting to know their stories, and then being able to guide them where they may be stuck or challenged. Steven is able to assist with behavioural challenges, effective communication, anxiety, worry & panic, grief & loss, trauma, depression, adjustment to change, self-esteem & confidence. Steven is available via telehealth.


Mental Health Clinician

Jacqueline is a provisional psychologist and is currently completing her internship after a previous career in education. Jacqueline works with adults with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, neurodiversity, grief and self-esteem concerns. Jacqueline's treatment modalities include CBT, DBT, IPT, SFT and cognitive processing therapy. Jacqueline is available in person or via telehealth.

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Mental Health Clinician

Komal is a provisional psychologist and is currently completing her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.  Komal has experience treating anxiety, depression. grief/ loss, near She is a family and relationships counsellor who is passionate about supporting people to decide what is important to them and how they want to show up for their children when challenging behaviours, loss, trauma, separation or any other change is significantly impacting their lives. 

Komal is available in person at our Palmerston clinic.


Mental Health Clinician

Veronica is a registered psychologist and accredited mediator.  She works from a holistic approach and builds trusting relationships with her clients.    Veronica provides individual counselling to adults for a range of  issues including anxiety, depression, disability, domestic violence, trauma support and relationship issues (individuals). 
Veronica is available by telehealth.

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Priti completed her Masters degree in counseling and offers over 14 years of experience working with workplace/ career issues, personal difficulties, anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD or simply ‘feeling stuck’.  Priti is skilled in exploring events to get beneath the turmoil to gently make connections to earlier events and meaningful changes for lasting solutions.  Priti offers EMDR, internal family systems, imago relationship therapy, whole body based and mindfulness therapeutic modalities.  Priti is based in Alice Springs and offers face to face and telehealth appointments.



Barbara is a clinical counsellor and accredited supervisor with decades of experience providing counselling and life coaching services.   

She completed her Doctorate in Psychology in 2020.  You might get the sense from her picture that she is heaps of fun, so expect to have some laughs on your journey with Barbara. 

Barbara helps individuals to live their best lives and has a special interest in helping individuals and couples to have better relationships.  Barbara also offers grief and loss counselling.  Barbara is available via telehealth.

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Mental Health Clinician

Chanel is a provisional psychologist. She is very warm and practical in her approach.   Chanel is skilled in CBT, ACT and creative therapies.  She can assist with stress, anxiety, depression, grief/ loss and trauma. Chanel works with adults and is available in person at our Palmerston clinic.



Coming Soon

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Mental Health Clinician

Rachel is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years’ experience in the health, education, community and corporate sectors.

Her specialist areas of expertise include pain and expressive therapy and sand play.

Her clients appreciate Rachel’s sense of humour, down to earth approach, and experience in the assessment and treatment of a wide range of mental health issues.  

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