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Sessions are 50 minutes duration, you can maximise your time with your therapist by arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment or completing paperwork via links we email you.

Exposure therapy sessions are longer and your therapist will discuss this with you before arranging a session.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)- a practical, task-based approach to solving problems. It helps change negative thoughts and behaviours, by providing more positive and functional solutions. 

Mindfulness- Research suggests that we spend about 47% of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we are doing.Mindfulness techniques will help you; spend less time up in your head evaluating, judging, interpreting and worrying about the past, the future and the people around you; help you cope better with situations that are out of your control and learn skills that help you to cope with uncomfortable emotions.

Solution-Focused Therapy-  an empowering, goal-oriented approach that focuses on solutions, rather than problems or symptoms. A Solution-Focused approach emphasises strengths and successes, helping the client to direct their attention and energy towards what they can do, rather than what they can’t.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)- is an effective treatment approach for helping people to manage overwhelming emotions. It is a skill-based approach that has four key components; emotion regulation; distress tolerance; mindfulness; and interpersonal effectiveness.

Exposure Therapy-Avoidance is a safety-seeking or protective response. However, avoidance can make  anxiety or PTSD symptoms stick around longer or even intensify. The goal of exposure therapy then is to help reduce a person's fear and anxiety, with the ultimate goal of eliminating avoidance behavior and increasing quality of life. 


Private Clients

The fee for Medicare providers is around $150-$195. The Medicare rebate is currently $86.00 in Australia. Therefore the out of pocket cost is anywhere between $65- $110. You’ll need a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP to access the Medicare Rebate.  A Mental Health Care Plan will provide a rebate for 6-10 sessions/ year.

If you have private health insurance you may wish to contact your insurer to determine if you are entitled to any rebates for psychological services. You can’t claim a rebate with your private health fund if you claim a Medicare rebate.

Please ask to speak with Kate if fees are a barrier to accessing support.


  • NTG EAP employees & family members- 3 free sessions/ issue/ year

  • NTPFES members, volunteers & family members- 6 free session/ year

  • City of Palmerston employees & family members- 5 free session/ year


Therapy is an investment of time, money and effort.  But what is the alternative?

Try reflecting on these important questions:

  • How long have you been suffering?

  • How is the way that you are currently dealing with your suffering working for you?

  • If things stay as they are, how will you feel this time next year?

  • What would you like your life to be like by this time next year?