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Kate is the founder and director of Industry Health Solutions.
Kate’s values are openness, collaboration and service with sincerity and integrity.  Kate cares- absolutely.
Kate has over 17 years experience as an OT and 11 years as a multidisciplinary health service manager.   Kate works with clients with chronic pain, complex psychological and/ or physical conditions and workers experiencing high levels of stress.  Kate works from a trauma-informed perspective; promoting safety, trust, connection, autonomy and a focus on strengths. Kate also values empathy, collaboration and transparency in the therapeutic relationship.
Kate provides expert consultancy services across workers compensation schemes and complex employment assistance to assist employers to support workers with physical and psychological injuries to achieve win- win outcomes.
When Kate is not doing what she loves at work, Kate likes to spend time with my family and grow edible stuff in the garden. 
Kate works with clients aged 17 years +

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