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Registered Psychologist

Veronica is a bright and engaging psychologist with 15 years experience including managing health services, mentoring and supporting professionals to step into their strengths. 
Veronica is committed to increasing access to mental health support, reducing stigma and promote clients as the expert in their own lives.  
Veronica is passionate about helping professionals navigate career change points; make fundamental changes to performance or behaviour; transition to leadership roles; and handle setbacks including work-life imbalances and episodes of stress or burnout. Veronica enjoys helping others to increase the vitality in their lives and sharing a few laughs together in the process. When not at work, Veronica can be found enjoying a meal and good conversation with friends, or adventuring with her family.
Veronica currently works from home to balance her family needs and FIFO commitments.
You can skip the waiting room because Veronica is available via secure teleconference (available on your phone or computer) or telephone. Veronica works with clients aged 18 years +

Veronica L: Team Members
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