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Removing financial barriers to first class mental health services

Whether it’s hopelessness, overwhelm, panic, bursts of anger or sudden tears, we can help you to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


We can help you to get a handle on your life, to feel yourself again or BETTER than you ever imagined despite external circumstances. 

With our assistance, you can regain a sense of wellbeing. Instead of feeling hostage to external events, anxiety and low moods, you can: 

·      Feel calm, even in situations that triggered anxiety in the past. 

·      Be at ease and feel more yourself without having to put on an act. 

·      Have a greater sense of control over important aspects of your life.

·      Have a new or renewed sense of purpose. 

·      Feel more resilient and flexible.  You will find yourself better able to cope with things that are beyond your control. 

·      Find and feel happiness and joy in your life – work and leisure, relationships and family. 

We have successfully helped many people enhance their personal development and emotional wellbeing during difficult times.​

We are convinced this is possible for you.​

If you are ready to feel better in your life, take the next step. 


You will need to provide us with a mental health care plan from your GP to access the Medicare rebate for eligible services.

Don't want the hassle of a GP referral? We also have a range of low cost counselling services.

Still not sure? Call us on 1800 432 303

Low Cost Counselling: Services
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